Poultry Breeding - Hatchery - Rearing farms


EUROFARMA SA is involved in the poultry business since 1972, the year of its establishing. The company's objective is to produce and sell one day-old chicks for broilers and layers as well as hatching eggs. For that reason the company owns breeder flocks housed in rearing and production poultry houses in the Korinthos area and a hatchery, 80 Km southern of Athens. In those facilities parent stock produce hatching eggs which are transferred and hatched to one day old chicks at EUROFARMA’s owned hatchery. The one day-old chicks produced at company’s facilities are delivered to farms for egg and meat production all around Greece and in some Balkan countries like Albania, FYROM, Cyprus etc.


ORNIS SA is also a company that specialises in the field of poultry business. ORNIS rears the one day-old layer chicks produced by EUROFARMA and sells them at the age of 15 to 16 weeks, just before they enter the production phase. ORNIS sells the layer pullets to companies and farms within Greece and adjacent Balkan countries. The company also produces and sells fertilizer that comes from processing the manure produced from the flocks housed in its facilities for the 15 weeks period.