Poultry Breeding - Hatchery - Rearing farms

EUROFARMA was established in 1972 in Korinthos, Greece. At the earlier stages of its foundation the company built the first layer parent stock house and produced hatching eggs which in turn were hatched at hatcheries in the Megara area. Later the company expanded the parent stock facilities by building new houses and also building a hatchery. The hatching egg and chick production were consequently increased and in 1996 by renovating and expanding the hatchery and poultry houses managed to enter the broiler sector.

In 2002 EUROFARMA completed the second stage of the expansion and investment plans consisting of hatchery renovation and capacity increase as well as construction of two parent stock rearing houses. The annual chick production at this moment is approximately 7,000,000 one day-old chicks.


ORNIS SA was founded in 2000. Current facilities consist of a farm situated 15 Km north of Argos – Peloponnesus, consisting of caged rearing houses and building and equipment for processing the manure and producing the fertilizer. The selling capacity for pullets is up to 700,000 per year.